Essential Tips to Get Your Home Show-Ready

Preparing your home for a viewing can be a meticulous task. However, with a little attention to detail, you can ensure your home is seen in the best possible light. Here are tips to make your home show-ready for every viewing.

Before each showing

01 Illuminate Your Space

Turn on all lights including appliance lights and closet lights, ensuring no bulbs are missing or burned out. A well-lit home feels warm and inviting.

02 Showcase Natural Light

Open all shutters and drapes to brighten up your home and showcase any appealing views. Natural light can make spaces feel larger and more welcoming.

03 Create a Calming Atmosphere

Turn off TVs or set them to a soft music station to create a calm, pleasant ambiance.

04 Temperature Control

Set the indoor temperature to a comfortable level. A well-ventilated home invites buyers to explore at their leisure without rushing due to discomfort.

05 Highlight Outdoor Features

If you have a pool, turn on the water feature. During evening showings, illuminate the pool area to create a serene outdoor setting.

06 Tidy Bedrooms

Ensure all beds are neatly made. A tidy bedroom helps buyers envision a peaceful night’s sleep.

07 Kitchen Cleanliness

Clear all dirty dishes from the sink and counter tops. A clean kitchen is a huge selling point for many buyers.

08 Bathroom Etiquette

Lower all toilet seats and tuck away personal products in the showers/baths. A decluttered bathroom appears more spacious and hygienic.

09 Secure Your Valuables

Lock away valuables, jewelry, and money. Although an agent will be present, it's prudent to secure personal items for peace of mind.

10 Manage Pets

Relocate pets to a neighbor’s home or keep them outside. If that’s not feasible, confine them to one room and inform the agent to avoid unexpected encounters.

11 Unobtrusive Presence

Ideally, vacate your home during the showing. This allows prospective buyers to explore freely and discuss their impressions openly without feeling observed.

Taking these steps can significantly enhance the appeal of your home to prospective buyers. A well-prepared home not only showcases its potential but also demonstrates your diligence and consideration as a seller. Happy selling!

Aimee Burrell

I believe our life is art and many ways our home provides the frame. There is something really personal and quite special about helping people find their “frame.” Their haven.

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