Our lives have seasons. And sometimes a new season calls for a new space.

Let us help you craft your next season.

At Elpis Real Estate Boutique we want to journey with you through all the seasons of your life, giving you trusted real estate advice along the way.

Remember the days before minute clinics, when you had a doctor who took care of your entire family? Someone who knew your name, remembered the details of your life and didn’t rush you through your appointment?


Our fundamental goal is for our clients to consider us as not only trusted professionals, but as part of the family. To believe without hesitation that we want them to thrive, not simply survive. Supporting our clients to live their best lives, build their dream futures, and be their best selves- This is what we stand behind and work towards in our continued relationships.

Our vision is to grow the Elpis family through educational workshops, social activities and volunteer opportunities. We want to foster relationships between our client community as well as facilitate introductions to experts in industries that will offer valuable support.

Our Elpis team is committed to being available to help our client families long after the paperwork has been signed.

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We value
bespoke services

So we provide a thoughtful personal service by using our systems and processes as a guideline, allowing flexibility to tailor services, meetings and client touchpoints to their specific needs at the time, understanding and respecting that they don’t always fit into a mould and we should meet them where they are at the time, not where we want them to be.

You can expect

our ability to anticipate and then meet your needs with concern, speed and attention.

We value
mastery in our craft

So, we strive to be extraordinary at every task our agency handles, from marketing, to negotiation, to drafting contracts… and far beyond.

You can expect

our ability to provide the highest quality real estate services you would expect from an agency - and then exceed your expectation.

We value
generosity of spirit

So, we live the traits we value as individuals and offer empathy and emotional intelligence as our standard practice.

You can expect

our ability to be our truest selves, where we reflect what we hope to see and experience in the world, so that we can step into and be trusted in our roles as advisor.

We value

So, we strive to build and maintain your trust through our devotion to honesty in all situations.

You can expect

our ability to evoke deep trust and respect because you will be confident that our guidance comes from a genuine place of care.

We value
balance and simplicity

So we hold firm that having purpose and fulfillment outside of work is important. We value and respect time, resources and emotional capacity - and support a guilt-free balance of great career/life, for ourselves and for you.

You can expect

our ability to perform at a high level professionally, while providing opportunities to nurture our agents, clients and community with events, educational and social activities, and resources to lighten your load, lift your spirits and provide valuable life information.

What our community says

There's no better choice than Aimee and her team. With her guidance and expertise, we've purchased 2 homes and sold 1. She helped us upgrade to our dream home by selling the first for a tidy profit. Her great negotiation skills mean she's always in your corner but is also fair and realistic. She will not promise unrealistic things and she gives her unbiased perspective whenever asked. First-time buyers will love working with Aimee as she's so organized and presents you with real, researched options. She helped us determine what we could afford to spend comfortably during both purchases. She attended all appointments and helped us understand all the paperwork and jargon. She also has a great style which came in handy when she helped us pick out the stone for our kitchen. Her years of experience ensures she can guide you through choices that will help your home retain value. She is easy to reach, and fun to do business with! Her team is friendly and also very responsive. We can’t recommend Elpis highly enough!

Van Brenk

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