Do I Need to Prepare for a Buyer’s Home Inspection?

This is a great question that we get asked by a lot of our Seller clients. The quick answer is YES!

Here are 8 suggestions that we have compiled to help you prepare for the home inspection:

01 Complete Repairs

If you haven’t already fixed that dripping faucet or tightened that loose doorknob- do it now. Don’t forget to replace burned out bulbs- If a light doesn’t work the home inspector may list it as inoperative and it could just be an easy fix like a burned-out light bulb. Give the home a once over to make sure you haven’t missed any items that may be of concern to the inspector/buyer.

02 Quick Clean

Consider doing a quick clean of the inside of the property and completing any exterior clean-up before the inspection. A clean home helps make things appear well maintained.

03 Replace Air Filters

If you have not changed out your air filters recently, we highly recommend making sure your air filters are fresh and that the return air vent is free of dust. The home inspector will check the HVAC unit including the air degree split and these two things always help!

04 Make Sure All Utilities are on

Electric, Water and Gas (if applicable). If the property has a pool or spa, make sure it is filled and ready to be tested.

05 Provide Access

Home inspectors need adequate area to access the attic entrance, appliances, electrical panels, and heating & cooling units. Remove boxes, stored items and debris from these areas. If possible, we recommend clearing at least three feet of workspace.

06 Add Soap

The dishwasher will be operated during the home inspection. If you want them clean please fill the soap dispenser and the home inspector may bless you with clean dishes when he or she is done.

07 Remove Any Locks

Or provide the key for all access areas like electrical panels, sheds, utility rooms or fireplaces. Inaccessible systems and components may result in an incomplete inspection and delays.

08 Secure Your Pets 

We do not want them to accidentally escape if a door gets left open or get in the way of the inspection. Plus, pets all react differently when there is a stranger in the house so it is best to have them either safely tucked away in a kennel or out on an adventure with you!

We hope that you have found these tips helpful in preparing for the inspection of your home. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!

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